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Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a form of the amino acid L-carnitine that can more easily cross the blood-brain barrier.

  • Supports memory and enhances the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine
  • Promotes healthy mitochondrial function
  • Supports nerve health.
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Real results. Real people. Lasting benefits.

  • Shane Battier Shane Battier 2X NBA Champion & Fount Pro Member

    “Why wouldn’t I check in on my own health outside my annual checkup with my doctor? Andrew Herr and Fount are the best way for me to ‘check in on’ and optimize my health.”

    Shane Battier 2X NBA Champion & Fount Pro Member
  • Dr. Sherry Walling Dr. Sherry Walling Best-Selling Author and Founder

    “I’m a business-owner, author, parent, and amateur circus artist. I ask my brain and body to handle a lot of stress and to perform at an elite level. Fount helped me optimize recovery, improve my sleep, and gave me customized strategies to support my unique goals. Their program takes into account the whole person, living a very real life with competing demands and complexities. With Fount, I’ve been able to build my business, be there for my kids, and train more efficiently and intensively, all while bringing my stress down substantially.”

    Dr. Sherry Walling Best-Selling Author and Founder
  • Packy Mccormick Packy Mccormick Founder, Not Boring

    “I’m legitimately more energized and less stressed than I was before the Fount program. As of my last lab tests I’ve improved in every area we identified in the beginning: Fasting blood sugar: 96 to 86 Red blood cell count: 4.11 to 4.61 Testosterone: 572 to 625″

    Packy Mccormick Founder, Not Boring
  • Maya Turner Maya Turner Serial Entrepreneur

    “Over the course of 6 months, collaborating with the Fount team and implementing a variety of supplemental, nutritional, and behavioral approaches, I saw a remarkable improvement in my ApoB and LDL cholesterol levels. This was a significant achievement considering my family history of early heart attacks and hyperlipidemia. The personalized strategies provided by Fount not only improved my health but also gave me the confidence and reassurance that I’m on the right track for a healthier future.”

    Maya Turner Serial Entrepreneur

Our sophisticated protocols support elite athletes, entrepreneurs and military personnel.

Unlock your true potential.

Amplifying health & performance through world-class expertise

At Fount, we're building the future of health by creating groundbreaking solutions powered by thousands of n=1 experiments.

Collect - Experiment - Refine

Our approach combines sophisticated AI, our proprietary Experiment-Journey method, and elite integrative coaches. The result? Breakthroughs in finding sophisticated solutions that you can feel work from the first time you use them.

There is no test in the world that can tell you exactly what you need. Our SolutionKitts are built on a foundation of comprehensive data analysis. We collect and synthesize a wealth of data — hundreds of data points from in-depth interviews and weekly live check-ins, more than 130 monthly lab biomarkers, and thousands of intra-day measurements from wearables like CGMs and sleep trackers.

Our SolutionKitts are not just products. They’re validated protocols, refined through our work with elite athletes and high performers. We developed each Kitt based on thousands of individual experiments. This means you’re not just trying a generic solution, but a tailored strategy backed by rigorous testing and real-world application.

The process of discovery in the health & performance sphere is ongoing, and our SolutionKitts are designed to evolve as we gain new insights. Leveraging AI and the collective expertise of our elite coaches, we continuously refine our Kitts. This process ensures that you have access to new breakthroughs in health and wellness.

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