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Jet lag is a choice.

FlyKitt Round Trip Refills

FlyKitt Round Trip Refills

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Welcome to a new era of travel with FLYKITT, the groundbreaking system guaranteed to prevent jet lag. Developed from extensive research with Navy SEALs and fighter pilots, FLYKITT combines custom supplements, specialized glasses, and an AI-driven app to transform your travel experience.

FLYKITT Refill Includes:

  • 2 x personalized trip plans
  • 4 x custom supplement packs
    image 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    How to use

    The FlyKitt App guides your through your custom protocol starting the morning you leave.

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    of FlyKitt users travel without jet lag

    See for yourself. Travel without:


    Low Energy


    Joint Pain






    Brain Fog



    Thousands of flights. Zero jet lag.

    • Darcy Norman Darcy Norman USA Soccer

      We used FlyKitt for international matches as well as coming into the World Cup. Great product and helped immensely helping both players and staff hit the ground running.

      Darcy Norman USA Soccer
    • Ronsley Vas Ronsley Vas Founder, Must Amplify

      Wow!! I’ve never not experienced jet lag coming back into Australia… until now.

      Ronsley Vas Founder, Must Amplify
    • David Ulevitch David Ulevitch GP a16Z

      I was in the Middle East, Europe, Japan, Los Angeles and New York all within 3 weeks and FlyKitt worked great. Really terrific app and experience. The packaged experience combined with glasses and application is really top notch. Highly recommended.

      David Ulevitch GP a16Z
    • Renee Wynn Renee Wynn Former CIO, NASA

      I just returned from a trip to the UK. The FlyKitt formula worked beautifully. I had zero jet lag on both ends.

      Renee Wynn Former CIO, NASA
    • Emily Fletcher Emily Fletcher Founder, Ziva Meditation

      I just returned from a trip to the UK. The FlyKitt formula worked beautifully. I had zero jet lag on both ends.

      Emily Fletcher Founder, Ziva Meditation
    • Dr. Bruce Kehr Dr. Bruce Kehr Award Winning Psychiatrist

      I just returned from a trip to the UK. The FlyKitt formula worked beautifully. I had zero jet lag on both ends.

      Dr. Bruce Kehr Award Winning Psychiatrist

    Welcome to a world without jet lag

    Based on research with Navy SEALS and fighter pilots, the patented FlyKitt system combines custom supplements, glasses, and an AI-driven app that's guaranteed to prevent jet lag.




    Support Your Body

    FlyKitt’s patented supplement protocol limits inflammation, boosts your energy, and adjusts your circadian rhythm.  Click here for the science.

    • image
      Reduce travel-induced inflammation
    • image
      Rapid circadian shifting
    • image
      Boost sleep quality and recovery
    • image
      NSF for Sport certified for pro athletes

    Support Your Brain

    FlyKitt’s glasses are optimized for travel. The specialized lenses block 99% of the wavelengths of light that impact circadian rhythms, helping you sleep better and shift faster.

    • image
      Support Your Brain
    • image
      Improves sleep quality and HRV
    • image
      Lightweight & flexible, engineered for travel

    Recover Faster

    Add-on a Firefly and our tailored compression socks to support circulation and prevent tired legs after travel.

    • image
      3x blood flow, even while seated
    • image
      Eliminate heavy, swollen legs
    • image
      Reduce risks from long flights

    Quick and easy setup

    It takes less than a minute to enter your travel details and personal sleep factors.


    Start the morning of your trip

    And sleep great your first night. Our unique protocol doesn't require lengthy adjustment periods.

    Optimize Your Schedule

    Plans are tailored to your body and your itinerary. We combine years of performance research with AI insights, so you never have to wonder what to do next.

    • image
      Meal timing to support energy and mood
    • image
      Sleep scheduling to improve sleep quality
    • image
      Supplement & light timing for circadian shift
    • image
      Flexible itineraries for delays and cancellations

    Designed by a human performance expert. Built for everyone.

    Based on my experience leading human performance efforts for the US Military, I created FlyKitt to combat the challenges of long-distance travel for top performers from special operations, pro sports, and business. With a patented blend of dietary supplements and an AI-driven app to customize the program, FlyKitt allows you to travel anywhere in the world and sleep well your first night. It works wonders for 93% of users, and my team and I designed it to easily integrate into your travel routine, so you can keep your performance and wellbeing optimized wherever you go. I hope you’ll give it a try on your next trip!


    Andrew Herr

    Founder & CEO

    Travelers Love FlyKitt:

    As a competitive athlete, you have to show up “race ready”. Travel is one of the most challenging variables. Jet lag can literally cost you the race, and wipe away months of training. FLYKITT by@FountBiois a game-changer. I’ve had zero jet lag, and now won’t travel without it.

    8:44 AM · Jun 13, 2023

    Oh man, the new app for@AndrewHerrBio/@FountBio’s legendary Jet Lag cure kit is *fly AF.*DM me if you want early access to the new FlyKitt: the first commercially-available cure for Jet Lag, which until recently was available only to the military/select pro sports teams.

    1:29 AM · May 24, 2023

    Can also confirm@Jason. For anyone looking to beat jet lag – what Andrew has developed is literally the only answer.

    5:53 PM · May 10, 2023

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We are here for you to make sure you have the information you need to get started. Still have questions?

    Contact Us

    How do I use FlyKitt?

    Order your FlyKitt and enter your trip details in the FlyKitt app.

    Pack your FlyKitt and start your custom plan the morning of your trip.

    Follow the simple steps during travel. Arrive feeling alive!

    When should I enter my flights?

    Please enter them as early as possible. You will always be able to update or cancel your trip within the app. Please ensure you look at your custom program before the day of travel, as it starts with a wake up time to optimize your trip.

    When does my plan start?

    Your FlyKitt program will begin the morning of your trip. Just remember to pack your FlyKitt and look to the app for to-the-minute instructions.

    What happens if my flights are delayed or my itinerary changes?

    When you are on the plan detail screen in the FlyKitt App, you can click on the “Update Itinerary” button in the top right of your screen to change your flight information or cancel your itinerary.

    What if I'm allergic to fish/shellfish or am vegetarian/vegan?

    Please reach out to, and we can get you access to a special vegan FlyKitt pack

    Do you have an Android app?

    We will be building an Android version of the FlyKitt App later this year, but at present it’s only available for iOS. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

    Does FlyKitt work for children?

    FlyKitt is formulated for individuals aged 18 and up.

    Please explain your FlyKitt guarantee?

    FlyKitt is highly effective in alleviating jet lag for 95% of travelers. However, in the uncommon event that you do not experience a restful sleep after your first night of using FlyKitt and continue to feel a lack of alertness the following day, we are here to assist you. Please share your experience with us by value your feedback and satisfaction, and if needed, we are prepared to provide a full refund for your FlyKitt purchase. We do not provide refunds for add-ons.