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The initial 3-month Fount program enables you to uncover what you truly need to feel and perform at your best.

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Your Concierge Team
sets you up

Your Concierge Team sets you up for in-depth blood tests that explore how your body integrates nutrients, manages inflammation, controls your metabolism, and regenerates itself. You don’t have to schedule a doctor’s visit and use up valuable time, and there is no insurance to deal with. We take care of it all.

You’ll also receive wearable tech that will allow your Performance Advisor – and you – to understand how your body is operating day-to-day and to track changes throughout the program.

Everything is included in your program, there are no extra charges, and the Concierge Team is ready to answer any questions and troubleshoot any issues. And like any good Concierge, don’t expect long hold times or waits for a response.

Expand your team

Meet your
Performance Advisor

With this data in hand, you’ll meet your Performance Advisor, the highly trained coach who will be there for you throughout the program. They start with a 90 minute video meeting to take you through our unique interview process. It begins with a focus on your goals and what’s driving them. They then do a deep dive with you into your day-to-day life, habits, and body systems to identify your unique set of opportunities. Throughout the initial data collection process, we examine every major system – mind & body – to uncover the path to your goals.

Program Launch

Your Performance Advisor develops a v1.0 Program

With the data from your labs, wearables, and interview in hand your Performance Advisor develops a v1.0 Program that gives you a personally tailored mix chosen from the full range of toolkits: nutrition, supplements, meditation, breath work, sleep, light, temperature, exercise, and recovery, all chosen to fit into your lifestyle and build over time.

We target the highest ROI approaches first, so you won’t have to make 20 changes at once. And your program isn’t just a ‘to do’ list. At each step, we explain what we’ve decoded about how your body operates and why the recommendations we are making will help tune your physiology and enable you to move towards your goals.

Refine & Tailor

We treat each update
as a mini experiment

Your Performance Advisor checks in with you, analyzes your wearable data, and updates your program on a 7-14 day cycle depending on your needs. We treat each update as a mini experiment that gives us deeper insight into your body and identifies the optimal solutions for you.

You can also message your Performance Advisor with any questions throughout the program to ensure you stay on track. And, at the end of Month 1 and Month 2, we update your lab work to track your progress and further refine your program.

Support Throughout

You always have access

You always have access to your entire program through our app, and you or your Performance Advisor can set notifications to make sure you don’t miss opportunities throughout the day.

Your Concierge will deliver all the technology and tools we recommend, and everything is included in your program. For supplements, you get them custom-packaged in daily packs ready to use. We’ll never leave you with a bunch of bottles sitting on your counter. We work to make everything seamless for you.

At the end of the initial 3 month Program, we offer ongoing Support Programs to ensure you keep the gains you’ve made and continue to build on them.

Fount Program Overview

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Frequently Asked

The Fount program is for anyone who wants to perform, feel, or look better, whether that’s at home, in the office, on a sports field, or wherever you spend your time. Our happy clients range from women who want to support their fertility to people in their 70s who don’t want to feel like it and from individuals who want to get fit and lose weight to athletes optimizing for elite performance. If you’re ready to invest in your health and performance, we can help you.

Many of our clients have incredible demands on their time, whether they are CEOs taking their company public or brand new parents, but this doesn’t stop them from getting the full benefits of the Fount program – they often find that working with our team during these periods is the most rewarding because it’s exactly when they need support for their performance the most!

Your Fount program includes all your lab testing, all the technology and supplements we recommend, all your coaching, and more. We have built the most comprehensive program in the world to always make the right choice the easy choice for our clients.

We do not accept medical insurance. This allows us to ensure we give each client the attention and resources they need, while providing a seamless concierge experience. Health insurance and the current medical system are not designed for this.

At the conclusion of your initial program, we offer ongoing support packages tailored to your preferences. Most clients are feeling great and have reached or are fully on track to meet their goals at this point, so they select monthly or quarterly check-ins with quarterly lab work to ensure that they have a resource for questions, continued support, and can catch any issues early. Other clients opt for more frequent check-ins when they find they love the regular support and structure of a higher tempo with their Performance Advisor.

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